Erin Nations Pieces

Erin Nations Piecesaffection-example

Here’s the newest Erin Nations contribution! We think it speaks for itself… a classic Erin piece, affection. We’re so excited we get to bring Erin’s unique style artwork to your…

Mar 14th »

Nations: Heart Accordion

Nations: Heart Accordionheartaccordian-example

We love Erin’s way of taking something as complex as love and making it as simple as two individuals sharing such an innocent symbol as a paper heart accordion… brilliant!

Feb 12th »

Jugtown + Gigantic

So Jugtown Vinyl has a show this month at the coolest gallery this side of the Willamette, Gigantic! Pop in,…

Jugtown + GiganticJugtown + Gigantic

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The Jugtown Gigantic Show…

Just in case you missed it, here are some pics by the great John Carleton! Also, catch some select pieces…

The Jugtown Gigantic Show…Jugtown + Gigantic 2

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